Key Initiatives


What Has Kristin's Fund Accomplished So Far........


Given what we know about early education and prevention saving lives we have focused on funding the following initiatives so far in our first 18 months

Key Initiatives for Kristin's Fund include:

  • Pushing for and providing critical partial funding for the new "High-Risk Domestic Violence Team", which includes the Oneida County Sheriff's Department, the Utica and Rome Police Departments, YWCA Mohawk Valley, and the Oneida County DA's office. We believe that had the High Risk Team and process been in place previously, Kristin and other DV fatality victims may still be with us.


  • Grants totaling $75,000 and counting to Catholic Charities of Herkimer County for a community outreach coordinator who teaches children, college students and the community at large, about domestic violence and healthy relationships. Hundreds of young people now have taken part in these programs, reaching young people will save lives! 


  • Hosting the first "Call to Men" Free football skills and healthy masuclinity camp--helping young men and boys develop healthy respectful attitudes toward women.  Reaching young men through football and other sports can make the difference between them becoming potential abusers or becoming the leaders of a new generation of men who hold healthy attitudes toward women and realtionships, this can save lives!  We hosted over 80 student athletes from 10 different school districts, role models for their football programs and peers! 


  • A grant for the Red Flag Campaign at Utica College—an awareness campaign encouraging bystander intervention and a "see something, say something" outlook


  • Domestic Violence Awareness Campaign and publicity from attendance at Gala events (1,000 attendees), the Boilermaker Expo (20,000+ attendees) and a Utica Comets hockey game (3,000+ attendees).