2017 Next Generation and Leadership Award Winners

Gil Palladino - Leadership Award

Gil has been a coach for boys' soccer in Clinton and Westmoreland for more than 30 years, but his achievements off the field have been even more significant. Gil's work with the Strength for Life (Sports Leadership) Program, the Out of the Darkness (Suicide Prevention) campaign, and the United Way showcases both his desire to improve his community as a whole but also the lives of his individual students and players. His efforts to instill the values of responsibility, accountability, and stewardship with these young people have been both consistent and long-running, and have truly made a difference in the lives of so many. For these reasons, Gil Palladino has been selected as the 1st recipient of the Kristin's Fund Leadership Award.

Joseph Castellito - Next Generation Award

Joe is a senior member of Utica College's men's football team and has played several different roles on the team throughout his tenure. With Joe, the team comes first and he has made these changes without complaint. His coach speaks of his sportsmanship and selflessness as well as his respect, admiration, and care for the women in his life, including his sister and grandmother. Joe is a three-year member of the Student Leadership Council and President of the Wellness Adventure and Education Club, and has also recently received Utica College Football's highest honor, the Matthew Thomas Dunn Pioneer Award, voted on by his peers. For these reasons, Joseph Castellito has been selected as one of the 1st recipients of the Kristin's Fund Next Generation Award.

Jake Landry - Next Generation Award

Jake Landry is currently a sophomore at Boston College and previously acted as a varsity captain for the Clinton High School boys' soccer team. He was an "A" student in high school and has continued that commitment to excellence as a student at BC. Separate from his academic achievement, Jake's drive to help others has been even more significant. He previously organized a Make-A-Difference Day at his high school, mentored other students via the Strength for Life (Sports Leadership) Program, led Saturday morning soccer activities for local children in the Kinder-Soccer program, and recently contributed his time to a Boston College Habitat for Humanity mission in Michigan. For these reasons, Jake Landry has been selected as one of the 1st recipients of the Kristin's Fund Next Generation Award.

Taylor O'Halloran - Next Generation Award

Taylor is a junior at SUNY-Cortland and a member of the school's varsity women's golf team. An outgoing, welcoming, and optimistic teammate, she leads the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) as its President and represents Cortland within the SUNY Athletic Conference (SUNYAC) as Vice President for Communications. Further, she has taken significant steps to promote education and awareness surrounding relationship violence by bringing the One Love Foundation and its Escalation Workshops to Cortland's campus. Taylor acts as a facilitator for these workshops, and is currently working to organize an event to raise further awareness and empower students to change. For these reasons, Taylor O'Halloran has been selected as one of the 1st recipients of the Kristin's Fund Next Generation Award.